About Northwest EMS

Our History

The history of Northwest EMS is short on years but long on service to our communities. Northwest EMS was created January 1, 2000, with the merger of the Elizabethtown Fire Company Ambulance and the Northwest Advanced Life Support Unit (NWALSU). The Elizabethtown Fire Co. was organized in 1836 and its ambulance service was started in 1947. This service historically provided basic life support (BLS) services to Elizabethtown and surrounding communities. Meanwhile, NWALSU, through Medic 5, provided advanced life support (ALS) services to this same area beginning in 1980.


On January 1, 2000, Northwest ALSU and the Elizabethtown Fire Department Ambulance joined to form Northwest EMS, which provides both basic and advanced life support to the area. In 2004, Bainbridge and Maytown Ambulances merged with Northwest EMS. Manheim Memorial Ambulance merged with Northwest EMS in 2014, followed by a merger with Brickerville Ambulance in 2016.

Northwest EMS now truly provides emergency medical service to the entire northwestern portion of Lancaster County (see map) along with areas of southern Lebanon and Dauphin counties. Our administrative offices are in our station at 380 West Bainbridge Street, Elizabethtown. Our other stations are at:

– E. Donegal Twp. municipal building, 186 Rock Point Road, Maytown
– 60 West Colebrook Street, Manheim
– Brickerville Fire Department, 10 Hopeland Road, Lititz.


Our Elizabethtown station currently houses several vehicles. These include six ambulances, a wheelchair van, a supervisor’s car, a 4-wheel-drive Chevy Suburban and an All Terrain Vehicle. It also houses a mass casualty trailer containing supplies and equipment to triage and treat victims at natural or man-made disasters. It also has a training room and fitness equipment.

Our Maytown and Brickerville stations each house one ambulance capable of ALS and BLS service. Manheim has two ambulances, one for ALS calls and one for BLS calls.


Basic Life Support is a level of service to stabilize patients for further care at hospitals or doctor’s offices. BLS services are provided by Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT)

Advanced Life Support is a level of service for critical emergencies needing immediate intensive care. Paramedics (P) provide ALS services.

Our Facilities


2015 Annual Report


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Our Company Mission

The mission of this organization is to improve the quality of life within our service area by providing 24-hour basic and advanced life support coverage and offering educational programs relating to emergency health services.


Our Coverage Area

Northwest EMS operates from four stations and serves a population of over 55,000 residents in 15 municipalities.  We responding to over 20 calls per day, on average, and offer education and prevention services within the community.  Expanded Territory May 2016-1




Our area includes

  • Elizabethtown Borough
  • Manheim Borough
  • West Donegal Township
  • East Donegal Township
  • Conoy Township
  • Penn Township
  • Elizabeth Township

Portions of

  • Mount Joy Township
  • Clay Township,
  • Rapho Township

In Dauphin County
Portions of

  • Conewago Township
  • Londonderry Township