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Safety Tips for the Week- Dog Safety

  1. Don’t look a stray dog in the eyes; it attracts them to your face.
  2. If a stray dog approaches you, stand still, arms straight by your side with fingers enclosed (friendly fist)
  3. Once a stray dog has sniffed you and seems friendly, pet it gently and walk away slowly.
  4. Ask permission before petting someone else’s dog.  Let the dog sniff you first before petting.
  5. If a stray dog knocks you down, curl up in a ball and protect you face and neck.
  6. NEVER try to break up a dog fight, call a adult for help.
  7. Never scream, shout, or make any sudden movements
  8. Never chase or tease a animal
  9. Never hit a dog.  Dogs learn from positive reinforcement.
  10. Be attentive to body language, dogs don’t speak for themselves
  11. Dogs can get overly excited while playing and can bite you out of excitement unexpectedly. They don’s always relieze that they scared or hurt you.

Community Safety is our Number One Goal! With the help of our favorite pet telehealth software, each week we will be updating our website with some helpful safety tips to keep you and your family safe!

This diagram is designed to determine the different body languages in dogs, to help identify a aggressive dog.

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