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Young Supporters Give Us a Generous Donation

Morgan and Owen Wisniewski present their donation to NWEMS crew member Beth Mensch.

The Northwest EMS station received a surprise visit at its Manheim station from two of our very youngest supporters. Six-year-old Morgan Wisniewski and her 5-year-old brother, Owen, stopped by the station Monday afternoon to say thank you to the crews and to make a donation.

They gave NWEMS $25 earned from helping mom around the house, and presented the crew with the money and a hand-made thank-you card. Their mom explained that they also had a similar donation for the fire department and the library. “We spend a lot of time at the Library and we appreciate everything that the ambulance and fire company do for our community,” their mother explained.

While at our station the children enjoyed Christmas cookies and a tour of an ambulance that included turning the emergency lights on and off. Thank you Morgan and Owen for thinking of us. You made our day!

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