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Camp Ladybug Visits E-town Station

Northwest EMS and the Elizabethtown Fire Department recently hosted a field trip from Camp Ladybug. Approximately 60 campers and counselors from the Elizabethtown Community Center participated.

Camp activities included interactive stations where campers learned about EMS response, patient triage, what to expect if they needed an ambulance or the fire department and information on the 911 system.

Campers were given the opportunity to try on fire and EMS gear, climb inside some of the vehicles and handle the equipment. Many of the campers have physical and developmental limitations and the camp experience focused on giving each camper the opportunity to look, touch and ask questions about what they might expect if they should need an ambulance or the fire department.

Camp Ladybug is an annual tradition that is looked forward to by both the campers and the emergency responders, and we hope their experience will ease any fears they might have about an emergency situation.

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