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Special Care for Your Precious Children

Northwest EMS has achieved master-level recognition in Pennsylvania’s EMS for Children Project (EMSC).  The EMS for Children Project is a voluntary multi-phase recognition program for EMS agencies wishing to demonstrate their commitment to excellence in pediatric care.  The program is administered as a collaborative effort between the Pennsylvania Department of Health – Bureau of EMS, the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council (PEHSC) and other partners as part of a federal grant.

Achievement of the master-level recognition was a four-part process that required us to meet specific equipment standards for the pediatric equipment we carry, that our personnel submit to specific background checks as well as maintain specific levels of pediatric education, and that we demonstrate that we are actively providing pediatric and adolescent health, education, and safety programs in our community.

At Northwest EMS we strive to provide the very best care to every patient and we are particularly proud of achieving this Master Level recognition.  Congratulations to our providers for committing to achieving the standards required!

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