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Could You Recognize A Concussion?

Your child falls off a swing. You find her lying on the ground, dazed and not sure of where she is. Would you know what to do? Would you know how serious this is?

Northwest EMS recently participated in a video production with the Pennsylvania Emergency Health Services Council (PEHSC) to raise awareness of the dangers of traumatic brain injuries. The video is aimed at educating parents and the public on how to recognize that a concussion might have occurred, as well as information on when to seek emergency medical care for a possible concussion.

Concussions are serious brain injuries and should never be dismissed without seeking appropriate medical intervention. Recognizing that a concussion may have occurred and responding promptly and appropriately directly impacts the patient’s recovery and outcome.

The video demonstrates that concussions can occur in situations not involving organized sports and discusses some of the signs and symptoms that may alert you to the fact that a concussion may have occurred. The video was produced as a collaborative effort with Northwest EMS and PEHSC and was funded by a grant received through the EMS for Children program funded by US Human Resources and Services Administration. The video can be found on the PEHSC YouTube channel or at

To learn more visit,, or

Be aware, be prepared, and don’t dismiss a head injury as a ‘minor’ injury.

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