Safety Tips for the Week- Dog Safety

  1. Don’t look a stray dog in the eyes; it attracts them to your face.
  2. If a stray dog approaches you, stand still, arms straight by your side with fingers enclosed (friendly fist)
  3. Once a stray dog has sniffed you and seems friendly, pet it gently and walk away slowly.
  4. Ask permission before petting someone else’s dog.  Let the dog sniff you first before petting.
  5. If a stray dog knocks you down, curl up in a ball and protect you face and neck.
  6. NEVER try to ...
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2012 Employee / Volunteer Appreciation Banquet

Northwest EMS recently held its annual employee/volunteer appreciation banquet in the Brossman Ballroom at the Masonic Village.

Ken Brosey received the employee of the year award, Becky Kandrac received the volunteer of the year award, and Paula DiStasio received the service award for her seven years of organizing the Prom Promise event at the high school to deter drunk/distracted driving by students.

Door prizes were handed out that included merchandise and gift cards from local businesses as well as tickets to theater ...

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